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An entrepreneur myself, successfully running three businesses, I am no stranger to pressure and I understand the determination it takes to build a business that supports the life of freedom and flexibility we get into entrepreneurship for. And if you're like me, you don't want it to be at the sake of taking on such much overwhelm that it leads to us burnout, or worse, not even being able to be presently living that life we envisioned in the first place.


When you have a constant, deep awareness of your core needs, desires and vision you can then develop purposeful, high-performing strategies and systems that are aligned with your authentic self to support that life you are determined to have.

This strategic alignment between your core self and your systems will allow you to live that peaceful life you desire of

What is it that fuels you?

For me, it’s being purposeful in this thing we call life. 


I'm a single mother and a multi-passionate entrepreneur that dreams big and loves working on new things. Practically living on my own since I was 15 I found myself in a season of drug addiction. But I rebuilt my life out of a single Rubbermaid storage tote when I became a mother at the age of 19 and today I am living my life by designing it in alignment with my goals. I started in the entrepreneur space by building marketing departments for two separate small businesses, and after nearly a decade in sales, I started my own real estate business and quickly began doubling my 6 figure income year over year. After starting a small team, I was constantly feeling the pressure to keep growing and building so I could create the better life I wanted for myself and my son.


Reverse engineering any goal is a strong, natural skillset of mine. I'm able to identify timelines, roadblock risks, planning tools, optional conditional routes, purposeful messaging and so much more when it comes to developing a plan for your goal. From there I create duplicatable systems.


I could manage juggling all the things I do because of the structured systems that I created for myself. But overall, I was so focused on the external circumstances that I was overwhelmed with the pressure, I was overworking, I was not living in the present, and my life was hitting a burnout stage. On the outside things looked great but on the inside things were falling apart. I needed to get connected with myself. I wasn’t able to even feel a gut feeling or trust the decisions I was making.


Until I learned to develop a strong practice of self-awareness that reconnected me with my intuition and my core needs. With the help of that practice, I learned to apply the right systems that will support the vision I have for both my business and my personal life to allow me to lead a life with peace and alignment. Now I not only value my full authentic self, but I honor it in every area of my life and business.


With self-awareness, determination, and strategic systems, I believe you truly can live the life you desire.

The life that you deserve.

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Helping determined entrepreneurs break free from pressure and experience peace through a powerful practice of self-awareness.

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