Jamie Milam

3-Part Training Series!

Mastering Your Schedule to Increase Focus & Productivity

with Jamie Milam

If it’s not on my calendar, it doesn’t exist!

When you’re busy with work, home life, kids’ schedules, and have a desire for social life, it can get hectic to keep it all in one place. As a business owner, many roles and tasks are required, including deadlines, appointments, and more!

Join me for my 3-Part Training Series and learn how to master your schedule, increase your focus and productivity, and even create time for vacations, date nights, downtime, and more!

3-Part Training Series - What to Expect


Part 1: Covering the first steps of the fundamentals to the dos and don’ts of your calendar.

  • Who is Jamie Milam?
  • How to schedule your week with flexibility and style.
  • How to track your success.
  • Assignment
Time management concept. Collage with African American businessman using online planner to organize work agenda. Panorama

Part 2: Creating efficiency and taking back control of your top priorities.

  • Batching - what is it?
  • How to stay on track with your goals.
  • How expectations affect your success.
  • Assignment

Part 3: Reducing the overwhelm and creating the balance in your life you deserve.

  • How to have mini-resets.
  • BONUS Content: Phone Hacks
  • Q&A with Jamie Milam

After completing this 3-Part Training Series,

you will have the skills and ability to master your busy schedule, including:

  • Scheduling your week in advance using top priorities and envisioning the best version of yourself for the week ahead. 
  • Focusing on flexibility - using your schedule as a roadmap, but expect a few detours along the way.
  • Protecting your time block and strategically prioritizing daily and weekly tasks to best serve your goals and your balanced life without feeling behind.

...and so much more!

  • PLUS a review of helpful iPhone hacks that will increase productivity and help with time management. 

Learn How To Take Back Control Of Your Day Rather Than Your Day Controlling You!

Let's Talk!

Why Jamie Milam?

I am a single mother and a working entrepreneur. With experience in sales and marketing for more than a decade, I started working in the real estate industry in 2018, and haven’t looked back. I became Rookie of the Year, a named Rising Star, and a committee chair in my firm year after year. I am a successful agent and entrepreneur and record a consistent six-figure income. 

I stand here as a successful single mother and working entrepreneur and can boast these things BECAUSE of the schedule I maintain. As I’ve said, “If it’s not on my calendar, it doesn’t exist!” I can only accomplish this much success with a structured schedule that I maintain daily, weekly, monthly, and even annually (always plot out your vacations). 


Planning out your schedule, your workload, and your day-to-day activities gives you purposeful and determined habits and help you to build focus and productivity. I’ve mastered my schedule, and I want to get you started on yours! 


Don’t be scared of the To-Do list - let’s tackle it together so you can start your day with focus and determination and end it with accomplishment, and some time for yourself and your family.

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