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How many times have you pulled design board ideas from Pinterest and wished you knew exactly what products were there so you could purchase them?

Or maybe they had the links but you wished you could actually see it in your space?

Maybe hiring a decorator for somewhere between $750-3500 (per room!) just isn't feasible for you. And that's just for a decorator. What about a designer if you need renovation designs? Hiring a designer for a kitchen or a bathroom would mean shelling out $3500-5000 on average, per room - not including the actual materials and labor! Working with a designer could take, at minimum, 2-3 weeks for the design process.

Imagine if you could select a mood board that fits your style, view it in your own space virtually and purchase directly from it to actually design and furnish your space.

Are you ready to style, visualize and design your space without all the stress, without waiting weeks and without spending thousands on a designer?

Well, now you can!

We're taking virtual staging to a new level by bringing you the expertise of an interior design team, backed by the power of the reality of it coming to life in your home!

Experience ease with

Reality Renovation &

Interior e-Design Services

Our in-house design team has been featured on HGTV's #1 show, House Hunters, six times due to their unique and outstanding design and staging techniques. Now you can enjoy the benefits too!

Our design boards are created with six styles in mind, for all different rooms, ensuring we build one that suits your vision. Carefully curated to keep budgets of all ranges in mind, we aim to deliver a board that you can take from the screen and right into your home.

Who is it for?

The beauty is it helps

anyone who owns a home or works with homes!

Who is it for?

The beauty is it helps

anyone who owns a home or works with homes!

Does This Sound like You:

» You have a hard time visualizing the conceptual design choices in your physical space and would like that confidence before spending the money.

» You don't need full custom and would be happy with professionally curated boards to choose from, allowing you to afford cohesive room designs, at your own pace.

» You want to speed up the process and see the transformation come to life quickly, whether to personally enjoy or to get the property listed sooner than later.

BNB Hosts

  • See the renovation before starting demolition
  • Attract more guests with professionally designed rooms
  • Speed staging process up to get your listing online faster!


  • Simulate renovations to showcase your home's potential & overcome buyers' concerns
  • Provide value to your buyer with curated clickable links to bring design to life


  • Custom designed rooms with click-through links and a budget that suits your needs
  • Renovate your new space with the updates you truly want, on the timeline that works for you


  • Use our design boards to source items to physically stage your listings
  • Stand out & provide value to your buyers and sellers
  • Use for your investors for fix & flip properties

Investors & Builders

  • Expedite the process with our pre-designed layouts, material choices and color schemes
  • Option to sell furnished with styled staging

As a Realtor®, I've seen first hand how much staging and simple updates can make a difference in not only attracting more buyers, but also by selling for a higher price. I built my business by working with sellers who had listed their home with an agent and it didn't sell, and then I'd come in with a new honest strategy to position it differently and we'd get it sold.


Additionally, I renovated my first short term rental property myself. It took months designing my own space. Hours of research for mood boards on Pinterest, only to find the product wasn't linked or was so old it was completely unavailable. Trying to piece together the right colors to flow throughout the entire property. Not to mention staging it so it'd stand out amongst my competition in Uptown Charlotte - and doing it affordably in case we incurred any damage from future guests.

This service is a game-changer if you want to save time, money & energy.

the possibilities

Do you have a kitchen, bathroom or exterior that you dream of renovating but would feel better seeing it come together in your actual space, rather than just in your mind, before you start spending thousands of dollars on demolition, material and labor?

This is where we come in. 

We work with you to understand the space and style you're looking to achieve.

During our consultation we'll present designer boards curated to fit the result you desire. Each board is complete with current products that can be purchased directly from retailer or can be provided to your contractor for reference.

Then we'll simulate the transformation so you can see the look of the mood board's design in your space specifically.

Mockups (2)
Mockups (1)

Reality Renovation

Design boards include features like flooring, paint colors, cabinet colors, countertops, hardware, light fixtures, and more.

Available in different design styles and different pricing tiers.

Use the sliders below to see how we simulate the transformation of your space based on your design board selection.

*Some devices may take longer to load slider images. Try refreshing your page to view

Kitchen Renovation

Bathroom Renovation

Exterior Renovation

Exterior Renovation

Exterior Renovation

Looking to Furnish or Decorate Your Space Instead?

click here to

These services can be purchased in combination with Reality Renovation or individually per room.

Q & A



What we mean by "Reality Staging" is that we take design products (furniture or renovation materials) and virtually stage them into your real space. You can now see the design concepts into your space without the cost of renderings from scratch.

While similar, the biggest difference with Reality Staging is it offers professionally curated design boards, or "mood boards", with click-through links to retail vendors so you can actually purchase every item in the room.

Virtual staging is actually imaginary pieces of furniture taken from cyberspace and placed in a room to make it look furnished and pretty. There is no way to turn that look into a reality because they are not tangible items or furniture that can be purchased.

Yes. We will come prepared with some design boards for you to view during your consultation based on an initial questionnaire you'll complete in advance. You can also mix and match between design boards or select one of the ones our design team has already packaged for you. While we have many design boards to choose from, we understand you may have specific pieces you are wanting to incorporate or design around. We can customize boards to include the look of those in your mood board. Please note, we may not always be able to include the exact product in your simulation, but we will come as close as possible to present the look of the overall design with it included. 

Our renovation boards are offered in "Cost-Effective", "Mid-Range" and "Luxury" styles, allowing us to find renovation materials to suit different budgets.

Due to specific square footage measurements necessary, each estimate would vary. 

Your initial consult to select your design board(s) is one hour. If more time is required, additional fees may be incurred.

After design boards are selected and we've received images from you of your space, your simulated images and Clickable Design Boards will be delivered to you electronically within 3-4 business days. 

No - we are only providing the e-design consultation, design boards, product link catalog and image simulations. Depending on your location, we can refer you to a contractor to assist with renovation services.

For furniture and decor, you will have the links to purchase from the retailer directly. 

No worries. We understand that not every space will be a fully blank canvas. For a small fee, we can add on our decluttering service and remove that furniture from the image to give you a clean transformation.

We do our best to ensure that at the time of your consult and simulation delivery you receive boards with links for in-stock products. However, we cannot control inventory of the retailers and therefore cannot guarantee product availability over time. We will check for availability at the time of your order and if a product is no longer available, we will replace it with a very similar item.

Reality Renovation services are charged per image (not per room). So one image per quantity ordered. For example, if you wanted two different angles of the room you'd like to have renovated, it would require a quantity of two in your checkout cart. 


If you're unsure, no worries. We can discuss it during your initial consultation and an invoice can be sent if you decide to move forward with more than one image.

Property values are hyper-local specific to each home, neighborhood and city and it's best suggested to consult with your real estate advisor. We are pleased to offer you a free copy of this digital book Home Improvements That Improve Value to serve as a guide for you. 

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