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Practically living on my own since I was 15 I found myself in a season of drug addiction . But I rebuilt my life out of a single Rubbermaid storage tote when I became a mother at the age of 19 and today I am living my life by designing it in alignment with my goals. I started in the entrepreneur space by building marketing departments for two separate small businesses, and after nearly a decade in sales, I started my own real estate business and quickly began doubling my 6 figure income year over year.

Not only am I a Realtor, but I’m also a real estate investor and a Business Coach working with entrepreneurs and Realtors on developing their strategic systems that allow them to become high performers in different areas of their personal and professional lives. 

Reverse engineering any goal is a strong, natural skillset of mine. I'm able to identify timelines, roadblock risks, planning tools, optional conditional routes, purposeful messaging and so much more when it comes to developing a plan for your goal. From identifying the goal as the first step, planning out your lead system, or even planning out your next big event or launch, I've got you!

Recently divorced and back to being a single mom and simultaneously running multiple businesses, I know that I can figure anything out when I am determined. And so can you!

With determination, mindful habits, purposeful planning and strategic systems, I believe you truly can live the life you desire.

The life that you deserve.

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