The Beautiful Boundaries Journal

A journal for people wanting to put better boundaries in place.

Do you feel like you almost lost your sense of self because you spend so much time on what others want from you or what you think they expect from you?


Or maybe you find yourself saying yes to plans you don’t like and although you are already exhausted, you still say yes when asked for a favor or you even volunteer yourself first?


Or does this one sound familiar: People tend to push you over. They don’t get your hints to show more empathy and not even when you get slightly passive aggressive. It’s only when you have an angry outburst that they notice something is wrong but then your thoughts and feelings are dismissed by calling you emotional.


It's not just you.

Many of us have been there!


Imagine being able to recognize what your boundaries are, what or who tends to push them, and how to better communicate them to others. You can start that process today.


With this 19 page journal you can explore some of those aspects and more. You'll be walking away with a new awareness around your boundaries and a vision of what a healthier version would look like.

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A Journal You Can Use Again & Again to Help You Create Boundaries

This journal's guided prompts can help you to:

  • Bring focus to yourself and your physical and mental well-being

  • Reconnect with your authentic self and give you the self-esteem and confidence you need to go after what you truly want in life

  • Reclaim your power and independence

  • Attract more healthy, empowering and supportive people into your life

  • Gain clarity on who you are, what you want, and your values and belief systems

  • Have more time and energy to do the things that matter to you

Boundaries are born out of the best versions we see of ourselves, from knowing our worth, from self-love and from a desire to live more peacefully aligned. Boundaries, when respected and honored - by ourselves first and then others - allow us to show up fully in the important spaces in our lives.

Jamie Milam | Author
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