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An offering of energy

About a month ago an agent came into my office while I was packing a box of my things. She said she was coming to "squash the rumors of me moving out." People certainly will talk won't they? Good for you friend for not falling prey to joining forces with the gossipers and instead come from curiosity and just ask.


After sharing with her a few reasons why I was moving out of my formal business office, including that I'd like to work on building my own coaching program, she then said the same thing almost everyone else has said, "you'd be so good at that." It wasn't long before I notice her face begin to flush as she talked and soon a tear come down her cheek as she shared with me that I've been an inspiration and motivation to her since the day she met me. She admired that I was so intent on being successful in the real estate business and that I came in and did exactly what I set out to do. She shared that it made her feel like she could do it too. I vulnerably shared that so many times I felt like I hadn't been doing enough in my transactions and that even started to trickle into my mindset that if I wasn't doing enough then how could I deserve to be a coach. She very directly said that it wasn't about the number of homes I'd sold that told her I was successful. It was my energy and my presence in just showing up. That she needed to be around my energy because it inspires her so much. Y'all, she used the word needed. That's a powerful word in general, but especially to someone who has abandonment issues.


You see, it's conversations like these that re-motivate me. That remove the limiting beliefs all over again. That fuel my determination to create a community using my skills. My therapist said to me this week that I could aim to build my own family around me. The family I choose. Because, honestly, I often feel my family {of origin} doesn't choose me. I don't need people to do things for me or to help me out. It's far more basic than that. I need them to care enough to just check in. Yes, just the basics would make me feel more connected than I do now, which tells me how deprived of that I've been. And I believe that my tribe exists amongst these people who seek out this energy and share in the growth-mindset passion.


When someone tells me that my energy motivates them and they'd gladly pay to have one on one time for that motivation and that they'd do whatever it was I guided them to do in their business because they believe in it, it makes me feel like doing anything different is a disservice to those in need of that. I also feel that it's something I'd gladly do voluntarily. Which can start to feel contradictory. However, I truly am looking to create a career around me doing something I love. Something that I'd gladly do anytime. Isn't that what we are all striving for? So if it's a skillset I have, why not build a business around it.


Now, I had also mentioned that she said something almost everyone says. Not that anyone has been like, "oh that's an awful idea" or "you don't want to do that", but there are some who brush over it or are quick to jump to the challenges or point out why it may not work. I choose to believe those are the folks that are still living in their own fears of some sort. It really doesn't have anything to do with me. You see, I'm not a person who jumps into something without a plan. I do think of and even explore potential challenges so I can do my best to be prepared. And at the end of the day, maybe it won't work. But I know that I must try. It's in the core of my soul. I can feel it. Plus, the Universe has been bringing too many of the positive conversations in my path for me to ignore that path. All I'm looking to do is fulfill myself by doing and sharing something I love and hoping to impact even just one person aside from myself. Sure, I hope for it to be a success and I hope for it to impact far more than one. What I know is that I am capable of a lot of things. And I have a lot of life experiences that I believe were put into my life for a reason. I can do hard things and I would like to share my energy with others. When I get to do that, it energizes me and that is a beautiful cycle to be a part of.

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